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Board members

سعيد محمد الرقباني

His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Raqbani

The chairman of the board

محمد علي الملا

Muhammad Ali Al Mulla

Vice chairman

سالم عبيد راشد السلامي

Salim Obaid Rashid Al Salami

The secretary general

شريف محمد رفيع

Sharif Mohammed Rafi

The cashier

سالم محمد علي المكسح

Salem Mohammed Ali al-Mukasey

Board member

يوسف راشد المرشودي

Youssef Rashid Al-murshoudi

Board member

سلطان مليح

Sultan Maliha

Board member

ماجد سالم سيف الكندي

Majid Salem Saif Al Kindy

Board member

شيخة سعيد سالم المسماري

Sheikha said Salem Al-Masmari

Board member

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vision to be the leader in the quality of its programs with human dimension and developmental value

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objectives< / b>provide social services for the benefit of needy groups, extend a helping hand to orphaned students so that they do not drop out of study work to develop a sense of social responsibility help in providing subsidies in kind or financial to those in need

Our Message

Establishing the values of charitable work among members of the community to produce programs and development projects characterized by quality and credibility

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