Message of his excellency

Saeed Mohamed Alraqbani

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Fujairah Charity Association
Our keenness to constantly renew the site and activate all charitable and humanitarian services in an electronic manner aims to facilitate the groups in need and to inform philanthropists about the services, programs and activities provided by the association and to communicate with all groups that pay attention to charitable and humanitarian work in its various fields of individuals, public and private institutions and philanthropists and to deepen
The first was the establishment of the Student Aid Fund in 1986 by a group of philanthropists to support students from Fujairah to continue their educational journey in all its stages with the support of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah.
The following year, 1987, the Fujairah Charity Association was proclaimed by Decree No. 57 of the Ministry of labour and social affairs with the aim of focusing on education, individual and Family Development and providing humanitarian, charitable and development projects, including helping students, people of determination, productive families, saving grace, helping patients, ensuring orphans and many others.
The society then established the Fujairah science and Culture Center in 1989, as the first specialized center in continuing education in the emirate with the aim of strengthening students at all levels of study and the center was transformed into” Fujairah College” on the first of September 2006
In 2004, the association established projects for the development and rehabilitation of families and their transformation into productive families, by developing their own capacities and developing their potential to be able to develop themselves, such as women’s taxi, tailoring and catering projects.
In 2013, the association opened a training and Rehabilitation Center for productive families under the slogan “made by my hands”, which offers a wide range of courses and workshops free of charge for those wishing to pursue private projects.
The initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council member and Ruler of Fujairah, may Allah protect him, has launched a beautiful project to save grace since 2004 and aims to collect excess food in weddings and events and distribute it to the poor and providing water coolers .
The association also carries out various seasonal charitable projects including (Ramadan Meir – fasting Iftar – Zakat al-Fitr, Eid clothing, and Al – Adahi), in addition to the programs of the humanitarian association that are carried out throughout the year including (sick cases, orphans ‘ welfare, Zakat, social assistance, charitable endowment).
The ongoing development of the association comes thanks to the Almighty God and the concerted efforts of philanthropists, government and private institutions, associations, charitable and humanitarian bodies, the media and all the supporting bodies for their outstanding contributions to the work of the association, and its humanitarian and development activities and efforts.
At Fujairah Charity Association, We invite philanthropists and philanthropists to contribute to supporting charitable and humanitarian projects for the poor and needy.
We welcome you again on the pages of our website, as we welcome every idea, suggestion or remark that enriches our performance and development, and pushes the charitable and humanitarian work in our precious homeland forward and ask God Almighty to preserve the UAE and its people under our wise leadership and God Almighty.
Saeed bin Mohammed Al Raqbani
The chairman of the board

Our Message

Establishing the values of charitable work among members of the community to produce programs and development projects characterized by quality and credibility



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