Applications for aid are submitted by visiting the aid portal here

Personal photo
Copy of passports of family members and attacks
A copy of the Registration Summary for citizens.
A copy of the lease or housing deed.
Valid residence permit (for non-citizens).
A copy of the salary certificate should not be a year old.
For those interested in Social Affairs.
Certificate of indebtedness or bank statement for six months
Medical report from an accredited government hospital (for medical cases).
Certificate from the police or Court of execution in financial cases.
Continuation of study for children
Death certificate
Certificate of divorce with alimony and custody or not.
Commercial licenses
Certificate of sentence of sentence

Access to the volunteer portal

1. be a UAE national or GCC resident who has a valid residence in the country

2-be able to participate in volunteer programs

3 - to have good behavior

4. not less than 18 years of age and not more than 50 years

5-must have a scientific qualification not less than the general secondary school

6 - he must have a license to practice the profession from the competent state authority if the practice of that profession require it.

Suggestions are made through the suggestions portal here

Applications for employment are submitted through the recruitment portal here

The "saving grace" project started with an enlightened idea and support from His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, to launch the Fujairah Charity Association since 2004, through which 6 million, 969 thousand and 400 meals will be distributed to the poor and needy throughout the 15 years, from the inception of the project until the end of 2019

Requests to contribute to the saving grace project are submitted here or via the toll-free number


Complaints are submitted through the complaints portal here

The application for the sponsorship of orphans or poor families is submitted through the needle of the sponsorship here

To send any additional inquiry

Our message​

Establishing the values of charitable work among members of the community to produce programs and development projects characterized by quality and credibility​


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