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We welcome all users to the Fujairah Charity Association website and inform you that the following terms of service will apply to you as a user of this service, as the objective is to identify the principles necessary for smooth use that will achieve the best results for the expected successful use of the service provided by Fujairah charity association . The purpose of the terms and conditions on nationality is to identify your obligations as a user when you use the website and electronic services.

* The user terms apply to you without regard to how you access the Fujairah Charity Society portal.

* All intellectual property rights, printing and publishing of information and Portal marks are protected in accordance with the laws regulating it in the United Arab Emirates and Fujairah Charity Association is the sole and exclusive owner of it.

* No material may be posted on the website of Fujairah Charity Association by any user and the user is fully responsible for doing so.

* The user terms of the Fujairah Charity Association portal are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

* The user agrees not to send by e-mail or download through Fujairah Charity Society's electronic services any software or other viruses with the intent to destroy files, data, software, hardware, server systems or communication equipment, or to use any content that is not authorized to use all or part of it, and that it is not entitled to publish or reproduce,

• The user agrees that he will not impersonate any person, or to identify yourself in the wrong way when using services gateway cooling electronic components of the assembly, and he will not use another user's account unless told to do so by that user.

• The user agrees that it will not use the services of the association E-for copy, reproduce, publish, or sell the services all or part for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Fujairah Welfare Association. And he will not use the services in breach of any laws national or international, applicable, or violates any internet-related protocols.

* Fujairah Charity Association is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or malfunctions of equipment or software of any kind or for loss or failure to secure a connection with the network, incompleteness, error or delay in transmission, nor is it responsible for any direct or indirect damages due to the visit or use of the portal, loss of services, loss of income

* The association has the right to cancel, terminate or suspend access to the use of the portal and the website for any reason whatsoever and without prior notice whether to give the reasons for this or to reserve them in accordance with the principle of privacy and confidentiality.

• Maintains the Fujairah association Association the right to update and change these terms and conditions at any time.

Our Message

Establishing the values of charitable work among members of the community to produce programs and development projects characterized by quality and credibility


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